Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exhaustion Breeds Frustration.....

I find myself getting a little bit more frustrated than usual.  And it is not frustration over just big things either.  I'm getting irritated at the slightest of things.  If someone uses tone I don't like or one of my boys says "mama" one too many times or the STBE looks at me funny.  Usually those things just roll right off me.  But lately they have wreaked havoc with my fragility.  I may need to come back and address that word, fragility, later.  That is not a word commonly used in my vocabulary.  

So back to these little things.  I have tried to figure out what is making them so BIG to me and I finally turned on that little light bulb above my head.  I'M EXHAUSTED!!  And it's not just physical exhaustion either.  My brain feels like it is running a non-stop marathon and there is no end in sight.  Between working full-time, raising twins, trying to get a good work-out in here and there, maintaining my very important friendships, trying to get a house ready to sell, and making conscious efforts to keep a good relationship going between the SBTE and myself, I'm doing loop-d-loops in my head.  I'm barely able to keep some things straight.  (I just remembered that I never remembered to take the boys to the dentist yet, oops!!!!! Major oops!!!)

So I got a Blackberry for Christmas and that has truly helped me to keep a lot of things in order, like an upcoming wedding for a dear friend, the fact that we're out of toilet paper, a new idea for a blog entry, the all-important girls' trip in three weeks, and the forgotten dentist appointment.  Seriously, what did we do before Computers, e-mail, internet, cell phones and Blackberries???   What's funny is that I am of the generation that remembers going from one to the other without the confusion my parent's generation experienced or the privileged oblivion experienced by the generation of my much younger brother (by 12 years).  We typed on typewriters and dialed by rotary.  We kept up with appointments on a paper calendar.  And we looked up phone numbers in a big, fat, yellow book with paper that made our fingers feel all icky by the time we were done.  And then when technology presented itself to us, we transitioned easily....... and eagerly, I might add.

So now that I determined where my frustration was originating, I am able to cope with it a bit better.  The first thing I do????  Take a deep breath.  Come to think of it......... that usually helps.  And then there is no need for the second thing.

So take a deep breath everyone.  And Happy Living!  


badmuthablogger said...

YES! I am absolutely cream-crackered myself. I need SLEEP so badly, and I know it makes all the small things niggle and seem so much bigger. I can't seem to get on top of the sleep thing, so the next best thing is to B.R.E.A.T.H.E.
Thanks for the reminder! Good luck with your Blackberry. I've got an iPhone but I'm nowhere near to using it to it's full capacity. That and my computer are like 2nd and 3rd brains. I'd be lost without them.