Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Saturday Night....

Yes, it's that time again. Saturday night. But I promise this post will be more uplifting than the last. Of course, my girlfriends are having drinks right down the street from me of all places! And I can't join. Funny how just last week I bitched about not going out with my girlfriends and mildewing at home alone on Saturday nights and befriending the computer screen to a disturbing degree. (boy, that was awkward.) And here it is, Saturday night, and they are RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD! I could practically walk!!! Which would really come in handy!

But don't worry. Like I said, this is a happy post. I am not with them because I chose to spend this beautiful Saturday with my boys! It is the first day of Spring in the year that me and my boys made the biggest change of our lives. It just seemed fitting for me to spend this day with them. And what a gorgeous day it was! We finally had no rain in the ATL and the temps hovered around 70. It was the P-E-R-F-E-C-T first day of Spring!

And since we are fairly new to the area, we are still trying to get our bearings of the place. Luckily I found a playground very close to our house. And what a playground it is!!! The playscapes are amazing, several in different sizes for every age. There is a nature trail that goes for a few miles (I think), and the ball fields...... omg the ball fields. There's nothing like sound of kids playing ball that evokes the feeling of spring. It was a beautiful day!

And now it is time for us to retire for the evening. Off to bath time and the smell of clean kids. I look forward to their crawling in my bed around 3 am and waking up to them snuggled on either side of me.

Happy Living All!