Thursday, August 12, 2010

Project 365: Day 11 - Zen-like.....

Every couple of weeks I like to treat the boys to McDonald's. They love the anticipation of finding out what toy they are getting. They get to release some final energy of the day on the playground. The playground is indoors, which is perfect for Atlanta's 100 degree weather. AND it saves mama from having to cook. Win win!

So tonight the boys were extra excited when we pulled into the parking lot as a surprise. Normally I use McDonald's as my "bribery" to ensure they have a good day at school. But not today. This was pure unadulterated whim.

And everything was going just fine when all of a sudden I look over and in a split second, Peanut is biting into Big E. You swear you think you're past a phase and then it rears it's ugly head in the middle of the McDonald's playground. So that was it! We packed up everything and cut our playtime short. They were both devastated of course. And I tried my best not to give them that "look" that burns itself into every child's memory. But I'm afraid it slipped out.

So on the way home, I look in the rearview mirror and notice Peanut doing something very peculiar. He has filled his cheeks up with air and then very ungracefully spits all the air out. And by that I mean his exhale is accompanied by more spit than air, but his intent is there. I ask him what he is doing and his reply?

"That's how I get rid of my bad energy, mama." Now imagine that in a four year old accent with a slight lisp. I was utterly inspired. I am all about taking a deep breath and releasing whatever negative force is building up inside. But my four year old??! I don't believe I ever taught him that and it's probably something he learned in karate. But who cares? How very zen of him. And it makes him look cool too.

11 of 365: Peanut......

Good Night All!