Saturday, August 14, 2010

Project 365: Day 13 - Passing....

So I went to a funeral today. Well, it was more of a memorial service, because he was cremated. It was a beautiful service. His children got up and said some very sweet words for their father. One son even wrote a song and played guitar. It was beautiful.

Funerals are interesting to me. No one really knows how to act and you leave there feeling guilty for having smiled at the other guests and saying words like "It was good to see you." How can it be good? The situation for which you are "running into each other" is certainly not a pleasant one. But really, what do you say?

People always try to come up with fond memories of the dearly departed and most are successful. It make me honestly wonder what people will be saying about me. "She was a sweet girl." "Remember that time........" I can only imagine how they will end that statement. And I can only imagine how much of it will be embellished or even completely made up. but the others will nod and agree and claim they remember it too.

I guess that is fine. As long as it paints a somewhat positive light on my life. And as long as they wait until they get home to talk about anything that may conflict with the self-righteous image I try to paint of myself.

So today was about the passing of time, the years that have gone by in the blink of an eye and trying to piece together the memories I have of a person I barely knew.

13 of 365: RIP Ross.
Good Night All!