Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project 365: Day 18 and 19- Tolerable.......

(So profound, it deserves two days)
About six months ago, I made a commitment that anytime my boys said anything funny, without the intention of being funny, I would have to write it down. I wish I had made this commitment the day they start talking. I really could have documented some side splitting material. But since I waited until just six months ago, many of the best moments have come and gone and I don't have a lick of memory to account for it. But that's ok. I live my life knowing that the best is yet to come.

But from the things I have written down or the ones I miraculously pulled from my cob-webbed memory vault, I have an endless supply of laughter inducing remedy to cure any blue day. My children put a smile on my face that could not be generated through any other means. They create warmth in my heart that the strongest fire could not match. And they say and do the most amazing things that continue to make me look upon them in awe and wonder how I ever lived before them.

Today's entry into the "my kids say the darnedest things" journal comes from Peanut. I am surprised that I don't have eighteen million entries from that child alone. He talks with the determination of an auctioneer, fearful that his time will be up before he gets to the best parts of his story and possessing more verbal energy than any other human being I've ever met. I often have to tell him to slow down and breath so that he doesn't pass out from lack of oxygen.

So back to the point of my story. We go to get haircuts today, each of them sitting proudly in the salon chair, being worked on simultaneously while I try to maintain a conversation with both of them at the same time. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds. One mis-timed "yes honey" or "I know" or "mmmm hmmm", then you might have just agreed to ice cream for dinner. But I usually maintain the dueling conversations with ease. However, today's conversation with Peanut caught me off guard. And he wasn't even actually talking to me as much as he was talking to the hair stylist.

I overheard her ask him about being a twin. And then she said "I wish I had a twin sister." Peanut looked up at her and with no hesitation whatsoever he replied, "well, if you want a twin, you have to be tolerable." She and I both stopped all movement and looked at each other, frozen. She had this confused look on her face and I know we were both thinking the same thing. "What did he say?" So I asked him and he replied, "to have a twin, you have to be tolerable." I'm not sure if I was as impressed that he used such a big word or that he knew how to use it as I was his profound interpretation of twin-hood, as unintentional as it may have been.

Who taught him such a large and complex word? And once he learned what it meant, how long did it take him to analyze the delicate relationship he has with his twin brother? I do not think he's ever said anything that made me think more than he did today.

18 or 365: Pulled from my vault of all-time favorite "brothers" pictures.....

Good Night All!