Saturday, September 4, 2010

Project 365: Day 35 - Family Day.....

So, it's my birthday weekend and I decided to spend it with my family. I packed our bags yesterday morning before work and once I picked the boys up from school yesterday afternoon, we made the hour and a half drive west of Atlanta. The drive wouldn't typically take that long, but it was Friday AND a holiday weekend. I'm lucky though, because the boys are road warriors. A typical day for them consists of sitting in traffic anywhere from 30 minutes to hour one way before and after school everyday. I feel bad about it most days, but I decided that I would rather have them close to my work instead of close to home. Obvious reasons.

So the events of the weekend were my choosing and I chose to spend them at my parent's house. It has been a wonderful weekend so far. I love coming home. My mama still takes care of me. And right now, sometimes I really need a little of bit that. She cooked me dinner, let me nap and baked me a cake which now has a very large missing chunk, thanks to me. Hell, truth be told, it's missing two large chunks thanks to me.

But it has been a beautiful weekend thus far. It's Saturday night and I look forward to the big breakfast mom already has planned for tomorrow. I mean, where else besides Cracker Barrel can I get a breakfast like this?? I'm sure as heck not the type to do it myself. Love sleeping late way too much. But my mom? She does it and she loves it. And I love her for it.

Thank you mom, dad and little sis for a beautiful weekend.

35 of 365: Beautiful Day....

Good Night All!


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