Monday, October 4, 2010

Project 365: Day 65 - Dating????......

When you've been emotionally separated from your husband for several years and physically moved out for over nine months, you begin to wonder "when is the right time to start thinking about dating again" I haven't quite figured out the answer to that question yet. I mean technically, can I really date yet? I mean I'm still married. At least in the government's eyes I am. And what kind of problem would that cause? Would he be upset? Would he even care? Would it bother me if he didn't care? And then what about the boys? Would they understand? Would they even notice? Could they accept this new person openly? And, of course, what about the poor sap that wanted to date me? Would he accept not being number one in my eyes? Would he be gracious in patience and give me the space I may need from time to time? Does he understand what I'm going through? i mean really understand? Does he have kids of his own? Does he come with a lunatic ex "other half?" And finally, what about me? Am I ready for this? Could I possibly learn how to go backwards? Would I ever feel comfortable enough to introduce him to my children? Would I ever feel comfortable with him period?

And thats only a fraction of the 673 questions I actually have. How the hell am I going to be able to answer all of them? I guess the bigger question is........ Is it worth it?

You bet your ass is it.

Life is too short to limit love.

Good Night All!


The Dating Optimist said...

Ha, I love it! You're right, you can bet the whole farm it's worth it, and I love your attitude that despite the questions and roadblocks in your way, you're going to go for it anyway. I always appreciate a fellow optimist. :) I wish you the best of luck in this next stage of your dating and life journey. And form the sound of it, you know where you're at, you know what you're facing, and you have the right attitude about the whole thing. I hope other soon-to-be or already single moms can take a page from your book.
—Amy Spencer