Thursday, October 14, 2010

Project 365: Day 75 - Milk is Not Just for Drinking....

Children handle boo boos very differently. At least my children do. If Peanut falls down and gets hurt, he immediately jumps up, lets out this horrific wail and then he's done. It takes about two seconds. He is able to brush it off fairly quickly without the need of any significant babying. Big E on the other will milk a boo boo for all its worth.

Just tonight, he came up to me and indicated that he needed a band aid on his wrist. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that he somehow got a bruise right at the base of his palm. I think he must have popped a tiny vessel or something like that. Regardless, he wasn't bleeding, but he insisted on a band aid. So, being the loving mother I am, I tenderly obliged. To most moms, there is nothing about this story that seems out of the ordinary. But in my world, milking it goes to a new level.

As Big E walked away, after I gently applied his band aid to his wrist, he was limping.

75 of 365: Poor baby. I may have to carry him to bed over this one.

Good Night All!