Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mixed Reviews.........

So I seem to be giving myself mixed reviews of how well I’m handling everything. Most of my friends have looked at me and said things like “Wow! You are managing all this so well,” or “You’re doing a great job keeping everything together,” or “You don’t seem stressed at all.” What???!! Did I not just ink myself down my entire right side of my body??! Oh, I guess I forgot to mention to you dear readers (or reader-the plural sense may be stretching it a little), my tattoo of last week is not one of those dainty little markings of an amateur. No sir! Well, I exaggerate a little. It is not down the entire side of my body. But it does consist of 13 stars in various sizes that pan out about a foot and a half. It is funny to see the shocked look on people’s faces (especially my most innocent of friends) when they realize this was not just a quick run to the tattoo parlor to get something out of my system. This was something I had to really think about long and hard before permanently marking up such a large section of myself.

I am very happy with following through with something I have wanted to do for a long time. So much so, that I’m ready to do it again. It is true – they really ARE addicting. Maybe I’ll try to spread this like I try to spread optimism, become a pusher of ink. After all, it is a good high once the pain is done. But I guess that goes for pretty much any painful experience in our lives. Once you break through the sharp sting of it all, the euphoria is your reward for having to endure the sharp sting in the first place.

So… I handling it well, you ask? I think so. I’m happy. A little frustrated with the living situation, but all in all pretty happy. I have my health. I have my renewed outlook on life. I have my returned ability to step in any direction I choose. And most importantly, I have my boys. They are my sun, my stars, my day and night. They are my breathe and heartbeat, my blood rushing through my veins. They are my dreams, my beautiful reality.

Happy Living All!

P.S. What does my tattoo mean to me??? The stars don’t always have to align perfectly to live a happy life.