Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Confessional......

Ok my bloggin' peeps...... time for confession. Just exactly how much of my weekend wish list did I actually do?????

* Run at least 6 miles each day. YES!!! Felt great AND had an excuse for my afternoon nap!
* Accompany my dear, dear friend while she gets her 1st tattoo. YES!!! I couldn't believe it, her inking time was 10 minutes. What??? Mine took an hour to ink. Ouch!
* Update my IPod with new music! YES!! Love me some new Silversun Pickups!
* Play with Photoshop. This one is a luke-warm kinda. I'm going to buy a book this week.
* Get boys’ winter clothes ready to consign. Negative. :(
* Gather items for the Kidney Fund to come pick up. Negative :(
* Finish reading two books I have started. Double negative. :( I'm pretty sure this doesn't make a positive.
* Get my bathroom floor looking like new! (this is hands and knees scrubbing my friends) OMG! Yes!!! Back breaking! But very shiny. :)
* Plant flowers in front yard. Negative :(
* Get Divorce Papers Signed!!!!!!!!! I'm most disappointed about this one. He started looking at them, but got distracted before finishing. I'm giving him a pass on the distraction ONLY b/c it is Tour de France month.

So there you have it. I completed some of it along with some much needed relaxing. My boys had a great time at their Mimi's and I had a good weekend. All in all I cannot complain.

Happy Living All!