Friday, July 10, 2009

The Weekend Wish List..........

So once again my superlicious mother has asked to take the boys for the weekend. I get excited about having a couple of days to myself (although, by day two I am missing my boys something awful) and I think about all the things I want to work on that I have been putting off for so long.

Like Photoshop! I have it on my Mac, but I have no clue how to use it and I really just want to take some time to play around with it. And then there’s Tivo! I probably have two weeks worth of stuff that dates back 6 months that I would love to get caught up on. And the yard! My front yard looks like a scorched peach. What fuzz of grass is left really needs to be replaced by something a bit more aesthetically pleasing. And of course, the never ending job of organizing and cleaning. With two three year olds constantly making messes, leaving half eaten lunches under the chaise lounge, hiding favorite toys in places I’ve never seen before, it can get exhausting. Not to mention the growing!!! I have tubs, and I mean TUBS of clothes that they have outgrown. It is a constant rotating marry-go-round of clothes. Can we say “THANK HEAVENS FOR CONSIGNMENT SHOPS!!!!”

So, what to do this fine weekend……???? I have an idea. Why don’t I make a list of all the things I would LIKE to work on, tackle, finish, complete, get started (oh who am I kidding….just think about) in addition to the things I already have planned. And then on Monday I will tell you which ones I can mark off the list.

* Run at least 6 miles each day.
* Accompany my dear, dear friend while she gets her 1st tattoo.
* Update my IPod with new music!
* Play with Photoshop.
* Get boys’ winter clothes ready to consign.
* Gather items for the Kidney Fund to come pick up.
* Finish reading two books I have started.
* Get my bathroom floor looking like new! (this is hands and knees scrubbing my friends)
* Plant flowers in front yard, and finally (but most importantly)
* Get Divorce Papers Signed!!!!!!!!!

So that list doesn’t sound too bad. The trick is going to be actually doing it. It sure is a helluva lot easier to think the list than to do the list. I guess it really isn't the thought that counts, is it...... Dang!!! Well, I do have a tendency to take advantage of a day off (from kids) by sleeping really late, taking two hours to drink my coffee, playing around on Face Book for far too long, drifting back off to sleep for an afternoon nap, and then getting dressed so late in the afternoon that all I have an excuse to do by that time is hit the nearest Target. So wish me luck people!

Happy Living All!

P.S. If I could ask a huge favor, please say a prayer for my cousin who was in a terrible car wreck on Wednesday. She is 20 years old and currently in a coma. She is still not out of the woods yet. Thank you.


MamaOtwins+1 said...

I hope your cousin is doing better, she is in my prayers!