Saturday, August 21, 2010

Project 365: Day 21: Winner! part two...

So my sister is the winner of all things music, more specifically, concerts. Never in my life have I met anyone with a shinier golden touch than her. It is unbelievable. Almost to the point that anytime she wins concert tickets from calling into the radio or filling out some raffle at some community event, the response she gets from everyone is less than she expects. Of course, we all want to be excited for her, but on her 73rd win, the excitement simply becomes a dull hum. I think she has learned to accept the less than stellar response. I think once she wins the mega jackpot lottery, then all our tunes will change!

Of course, anytime she wins, I win too! Because I'm usually the lucky individual that gets to accompany her on these free entertainment vouchers. This year, I've seen New Kids on the Block (I don't want to hear it, it was actually quite entertaining), Rascal Flatts (and I don't even like country music), and tonight's treat..... Maroon 5. Now that was a concert I truly enjoyed! Adam Levine is just too damn sexy for words.

The concert was great. And here is what I promised. My first entry of myself in my blog.

21 of 365: me (left) and my little sister (right).

Good Morning Everyone!