Friday, August 6, 2010

Project 365: Day 5 - Tready.........

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this sad, lonely treadmill I have sitting in my basement. Well, I actually haven't been able to stop thinking about the sad, growing rear-end that's been following me around for I don't know how long.

You see, in a previous life, I was a runner. My reincarnated self unfortunately does not involve the luxury of throwing on my sneakers and heading out for an impromptu 5 mile jog. This new life, of course, has been gifted with far more important luxuries. These new luxuries, as I like to call them, keep my calorie burning activities going at a fairly steady pace. Parenting is an endurance sport. But single parenting is..... well, if tennis could be played in high heels, with one arm full of groceries, a cell phone duct-taped to your ear, and thirty pound bags of sand strapped to each leg all while running on said treadmill, then I would compare it to that. I challenge the brave soul who says parenting is easy. I will flat out bitch slap anyone who says single parenting maybe just a "little" tougher.

But back to my sad, lonely treadmill....... When I moved in my new place, a treadmill joined the clan by way of my precious cousin who no longer had room for it in her one bedroom condo. And I, most eagerly said "Yes! I'll store it for you until you get a larger place!" I was so ecstatic that I would have this "in-home-mini-gym". Since I was no longer able to go out for my regular run while the dad watched the boys, this would be perfect!

Of course, it has now been almost 8 months and my sad, lonely treadmill has taken up permanent residence in the garage. It is quite unfortunate. Here is this perfectly good method of burning countless calories and here ALSO is this perfectly flabby butt that so desperately needs the companionship of this treadmill. And yet, there it remains. Alone, scared, cold, and in the dark. It is painful to look at everyday when I park the car and walk into the house. I have this slight heartache for it, sympathy almost. As if I've left some poor abandoned puppy on the side of the road, hungry and crying for love.

So why is it still there you ask? Well, because I am only one woman. I am not two strong guys that, if they had any heart, would help me out in this situation. Nope. I am simply one woman. And therefore, it will sit there, in the garage, until someone comes to rescue it from darkness.

Ok, so if you haven't figured it out, this is a plea! Seriously! Can someone please come help me move this thing!!???

5 - 365: Sad, lonely Tready.....

Good night all!