Friday, September 17, 2010

Project 365: Day 48 - Characters..........

While perusing through my old photos, I love coming across all the pictures of my boys in various costumes throughout the years. The fascination with "dressing up" definitely hit Big E harder and earlier than it did Peanut. Big E fell in love with costumes at age two and the first time his Mimi pulled out her Halloween big-bag-o-tricks, he nearly lost it. My mother, also known as the holiday queen, has held on to almost every single costume she, my dad, and my sister have collected over the past twenty years. Now keep in mind, my family loves, loves, loves Halloween. I, myself, have dressed up every year of my entire life, with the exception of the year the boys were born. They were two hours shy of being Halloween babies, so maybe the fascination of costume was literally born in them.

Each year I begin to plan my Halloween attire one month out, just in case I need to order something online. Once I settle on an idea, I make sure that I create any of the "made from scratch" items in advance. Over the years I have spray painted old white shoes with red glitter paint (guess who I was). I have cut up wigs and tied the extra pieces to my own hair (red-neck extensions). I have fashioned a coat hanger to make the perfect pippy longstocking hair illusion (one of my favorite). I could go on and on. It's great when I go through all this effort and expense and I actually get to show it off at a party. But most times, I just do it for myself and the few trick or treaters that knock on the front door. It doesn't matter. There's just something about pretending to be someone or some thing outside of who you really are. Stepping into a character and living as them for a short time...... It's exciting!

Oh wow. I just realized that I started this post as a tale of how my child has become obsessed with dressing up in costumes since he was a toddler. And the post ended up pointing out my own addiction. Oh dear, I'm a pusher. And on my own child..... I should be ashamed.

48 off 365: I will post each week a new picture of costume wearing in my family over the past four years. I'd like to see how long I can pull it off.

Good Night All!