Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project 365: Day 59 - The Air is a Changing....

We have this man made lake in our community and every now and then the boys and I will take some left over bread down to feed the fish and turtles and, in the summer time, the ducks. Of course, the ducks left about a month ago, even though the weather didn't start cooling down until......w ell......... today. But the boys love throwing the bread to the baby fish and baby turtles. It's way cute. My babies feeding other babies. I can't get enough.

And I also can't get enough of this cooler weather. I am sooooo ready for the fall to actually arrive. I love sweaters and boots. And I hate any days over 85 degrees. If I ever have to fill out one of those surveys or even one of the face book "20 things about me" questionnaires, I always answer "mountains over beach." I've just never really loved the beach like other people do. You can only take off so many clothes to cool down. But you can always bundle up more and more to get warm. So am I looking forward to cool nights and changing leaves? You bet your ass I am.

So tonight we took a walk down to the lake and we were decked out in long sleeves and pants, tights and boots. Hopefully you can figure out who wore what. But the air felt amazing and I started looking forward to the trip I'm planning for October. It'll be the first trip with me and my boys and no one else. We're going to eat caramel apples, run through corn mazes, and pick out the best pumpkins. We'll collect colorful leaves and watch the streams roll by. And we may even go for a hay ride or two. This is my favorite time of year and if I'm lucky, maybe that love will rub off on my boys.

59 of 365: The first hug of fall........

Good Night All!