Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Project 365: Day 60 - Compassion......

I guess I haven't talked a lot about what type of work I do. I know I've mentioned that I work for a firm, but I guess that could mean a number of things. Well, I work for the obvious, a law firm. No, I'm not an attorney.... never aspired to be one. Although I pretty much do the work of an attorney, I just don't get paid the big bucks. But the trade off is, I don't have to worry about the level of liability that an attorney does.

So, what kind of law you ask? In this economy and from the eyes of the consumer, I guess I work for the worst kind. A real estate firm and more specifically, a default real estate firm. We represent the lenders in the astronomical amounts of foreclosures across the country. Now, if you haven't completely exited my website, let me first say, I don't do this because I love taking the homes of America's most hardshipped families. I do this because, well, to be honest, I kind of stumbled across this path 14 years ago. When I was twenty-three I decided that retail was totally not for me. I couldn't handle one more mom bringing in the kid's clothes she bought three months prior, obviously worn to hell and back and want her money back. And because of the retailer I worked for, we had to oblige. Just sickening.

So at twenty-three I answered an ad in a newspaper for a receptionist job at a law firm. (wait.... did I just give my age away?) Anyway, I interviewed and they offered me the job. I was only the receptionist for about 6 months when a position opened in their foreclosure department. Being the type of person I am and wanting to learn more and maybe "move up in the company", I, well......... moved up. And the rest is history.

14 years later and I have more experience in residential foreclosure than I ever thought imaginable. I can now conduct a foreclosure in three states (not that any of you are going to ask that of me). So why am I telling you this, you ask? I guess because mom bloggers talk a lot about what they're feeling or what they did that day or who pissed them off. Not a lot of them actually tell you something as personal as what kind of work they do. And not many people are quick to jump at the chance of shouting to the world "I'm a foreclosure paralegal!!!!" I'm not ashamed of what I do. I'm not embarrassed by any means. I actually love that I am knowledgeable about something. And I truly love, love, love the people I work with. If I go to work ashamed of what I do or I don't like where I work, then when I'm faced with receiving a phone call from one of those fellow American's facing true hardships, how would I be able to have the level of compassion I would appreciate if I, myself, had to make that phone call? I could be in their shoes in a split second and I need to know that if I had to make that phone call, someone like me would be answering.

We all need a little compassion.

60 of 365: No words can describe how much I love this shot of me and my E.

Good Night All!