Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project 365: Day 61 - The Art of Grooming.....

Finding the time to properly groom oneself when one is a single parent can be a daunting task. Good thing I'm not dating because shaving my legs really takes a lot of advance planning. And painting my nails? I'm lucky if I have time to do a quick "brush over" on the weeks old chipped paint still lingering on my toenails. I don't do salons because money prevents me from doing so. Therefore, cutting and coloring my hair has become a self taught art and even that gets put on the back burner for months on end. So it's a good thing I'm not dating because I would probably only be able to go out with said date maybe once a month because that's probably how often I could have all those things done at the same time.

Ah.... the beautiful life of motherhood. It allows us the ability to go to the grocery looking like a slob without a care in the world. I used to have all make-up in order and hair perfectly in place before leaving the house for even the most mundane errands. But now my time is precious and I refuse to spend it primping up for no significant reason. I would rather take a few more minutes dancing with my boys.

Of course, I do still refuse to wear sweat pants (never even owned a pair). And I will also fix my hair before leaving. But until my boys understand what it means to be embarrassed by mom's appearance in public, I'll trade filled in roots for a few extra minutes of hide and seek.

61 of 365: Ok, so I stole a few minutes to paint my nails tonight. Sue me! ;-)

Good Night All!