Friday, October 1, 2010

Project 365: Day 62 - Treasures......

Tonight was haircut night for the boys. And yes,, that's one thing I will spend money on in the grooming department. When the boys were younger, we could get away with a buzz cut in the bathroom. But not now. Big E has tremendously think hair with no less than 6 cowlicks. Peanut, on the other hand, has baby fine hair like his mama. I can cut my own hair because it's outrageously curly and if I make a mistake, who's gonna notice? But their hair takes an actual professional.

Great Clips is usually the salon of choice, but I thought we would try something different tonight. There is this super cute children's salon across the street from our place called "Crew Cuts and Pig Tails." The seats are taxi cabs and airplanes. They have a flat screen television between each chair. Tonight's showing was Madagascar. There are specialty toys all around. And child specific hair products (which I wouldn't dare pay the astronomical dollars they were asking for.) But the place was cute and the boys really liked it.

Once the hair cut was complete, they got two rewards: a lollipop and one item of choice from the big treasure chest by the front door. Both boys picked a blue lollipop, which they have always done for as long as I can remember. Then they both raced over to the treasure chest, which was filled to the rim of various toys I would never call crap in front of the boys. But crap it was. I stood back and watched as they marveled over bouncey balls and tattoos, plastic animals and stickers. Once they had finally made their choice, they both walked over to me and held out their hands to show me what they had picked. As each tiny hand flipped over and all tiny fingers opened up, I was taken back to see that they both picked out a ring for me.

62 of 365: Crap I will forever treasure.

Good Night All!